About us

Awara is a leading business administration services provider, specializing in accounting, audit, recruitment, IT, market research, management consulting and law. We find the best candidates for the best firms and the best jobs for the best people in Russia.

We believe that you cannot find the best people by referring to candidate that you “have in a database”. Each and any candidate database will always be hopelessly outdated and limited. Even the biggest recruiting firms could not possibly cover but a small portion of the market with this method. (And think about the conflict of interest when they want to rotate the same candidates from their “database”). Therefore when we are hired to do a recruitment we always do it by the method of headhunting, or direct search – that is how we derived our name!

With us headhunting is always an individual search tailored to meet the challenge of the particular search assignment designed to identify on the wide market the unique professional who is in demand. Our headhunting is powered by our solid market research arm – Awara Marketing.

Our Partnerships & Memberships

  • Association of European Businesses (AEB)
  • German Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AHK)
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Russia & CIS
  • St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA)
  • Microsoft
  • 1C
  • Executive Resources International (ERI)

In 2014 Awara was also accredited by the Committee on Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad region.

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