Executive Search & Recruitment
We specialize in executive search and recruitment of top managers, middle managers and specialist in Russia and the CIS region. Simply put, we find the best people for the best companies. For each assignment, you will be served by our specialized team of recruiters and headhunters focusing on your specific industry. We carry out reference and personality checks to make sure that our customers get the best possible match.

Search & Selection Methods
At Awara each recruitment assignment is started by conducting market research to identify high value candidates and the companies where they can be found. We always apply headhunting methods in order to find the best candidates. In addition, we also use networking with stakeholders, our existing contact and partner network, internal CV database, social media networks and job portals for recruitment.

Success Fee Based Pricing
We require no retainers and other payments. Pay only when you decide to hire a candidate we have presented to you. We use this transparent pricing that provides a riskless way for our customers to start cooperating with us. We also have a guarantee period for the candidates we present.

We provide executive and recruitment services across a wide range of industries including aerospace, agriculture, timber, chemical, pharmaceutical, computer, software, construction, energy, financial services, entertainment, food, healthcare, information, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, steel, ship building, mass media and telecommunications.