Executive Search and Recruitment Services

We can help you to find the best executives, managers and experts across a broad range of functional specializations in Russia and the CIS. We bring with us vast experience and key advantages:

Direct Search Direct Search

Awara always uses the direct search (headhunting) method: an individually–tailored, focused search designed to meet the challenge of the particular search assignment, in order to identify unique professionals throughout the market who are in demand.

Success Fee based Pricing

We apply success fee based pricing to all recruitment and executive search assignments. This means that we invoice our customer only after the customer has decided to hire a candidate we have presented. If no candidates are hired, no fees are due. This transparent pricing method is a riskless option for companies working with us. Also we want to remove some of the uncertainties of the Russian market and stimulate growth by offering all recruitment services for a success fee. You can read more about this offer here.

Industry Experience Industry Experience

We pride ourselves on our international background and superior knowledge of local market conditions and practices. Our headhunters work in synergy with Awara’s experts in various fields – market research, management consulting, law, accounting, audit, financial administration, IT-development – in order to ensure a value-added service to help our clients meet their specific needs. In Russia, you really need solid experience to provide a quality service. We’ve got it. Our genuine know-how is the foundation of our successful searches. We employ and contract with experienced professionals whose expertise covers all the business segments, industries, and types of candidates for which we search.

Guarantee Period

We always provide a guarantee period for the candidates our customers hire. If it doesn’t work out with the candidate, don’t worry. We will find you a new one at no additional charge.

High-Skilled Delivery Team

For each recruitment assignment, you will be working with our dedicated team of headhunters, researchers and key account managers specializing in your specific industry. For each assignment, we compile the best possible delivery team which will be working together with all Awara headhunters. The key account manager makes sure that we truly understand your needs, communicate with you on a daily / weekly basis, and keep you fully updated on the search process.

SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis

The Awara Candidate SWOT Analysis (Candidate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) is done based on the requirements in the Ideal Candidate Profile which we prepare at the start of each search for the target position. The analysis shows the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, the opportunities and threats you are likely to face by hiring this candidate, as well as our general impression of the individual.

Market Research

Our search starts with thorough market research. First, we get to know our client company and its requirements regarding the position to be filled. Next, we analyze the market to identify the companies where potential job candidates work.

Ekaterina Lazareva
Vice President, Human Resources

Eva Hua
Vice President