Our genuine expertise in what we do is the foundation of our successful search. Awara employs and contracts experienced professionals whose expertise covers all business segments, industries, and type of candidates.

Our expert practices are global in nature and cover the entire geographical area of the Russian Federation. Our search starts with identifying experts that bring real value to the search process. This way we guarantee that our clients’ projects are guided by the best professionals in any field of business.

Our Work is based on Solid Market Research

Our search starts with thorough research. First we gain all relevant information about our client’s company and the requirements and challenges pertaining to a candidate. In the next step we analyze the market to identify companies where potential job candidates may currently work. We also identify a network of specialists and stakeholders who possess information on the required resources, which support the search process.

Understanding the Business Challenges and Opportunities

Each company possesses a unique set of challenges and opportunities. These have to do with the internal state of the organization, market conditions, pressures and abilities to change, growth and profit goals, launch of new innovative products, etc.

We as a professional recruiter will identify these challenges and opportunities in our market research and define the search accordingly. This we do through acquainting ourselves with our principal’s business environment, corporate culture, priorities and any other issues that may affect the position.