Employee Engagement Services

Awara is the leading expert in employee engagement in Russia. We offer a wide range of services aimed at bringing employee engagement to perfection in any company.

We work with the best international specialists in employee engagement and can deliver lectures and courses both in English and Russian.

Here is what we can do:

1. Lectures/training to Business Leaders

Help to raise awareness about importance of employee engagement among the business leaders – shareholders, board members, CEOs, top executives

What we offer:

  • Lectures to the business leaders about employee engagement, its importance and how to do it
  • Individual consulting on employee engagement
  • Coaching the chief engagement officer

2. Lectures/training to HR specialists

  • In-house training courses on employee engagement tailored to the needs of the firm

3. Lectures/training to middle managemen

4. Audit of present level of employee engagement (Audit of corporate culture)

5. Engagement surveys

  • Tailored surveys for any needs of engagement analysis

6. Development of strategy for employee engagement

7. Development of HR management strategy

8. Developing of business strategy

9. Development of Vision and Mission statements, Guiding principles (Organizational principles)

10. Corporate-wide employee engagement implementation

11. Assessment of individual employees and teams

12. Advising on optimal organizational structure

13. Design of reward systems, salary levels, total remuneration, bonuses, incentives, stock options

Employee Engagement in Russia by Jon Hellevigemployee-engagement-cover

Awara has recently published, Employee Engagement in Russia, a book written by the company’s Managing Partner, Jon Hellevig, exploring the challenges and opportunities involved in managing a Russian organization. In the last few years, the management theory of employee engagement has gained increasing recognition.

The theory presented in this book tackles the question of how a company can achieve its strategic goals by creating the conditions for human resources to thrive and for each staff member, manager, and executive to eagerly deliver their best efforts in the best interest of the business. The book is based on Hellevig’s personal experience of managing Russian organizations since the 1990s and his studies of human behavior and social practices as expressed in his other books, Expressions and Interpretations, All is Art, and the two books in the series of A Biological Philosophy: The Case Against Noam Chomsky and Mental Processing.

The book is fully finalized, however with the view to develop a further version of the book which will take into account the experience of the larger public, we have decided to publish a preview version of the book online, with the aim of engaging our readers by inviting them to share their opinions and insights on the topic. The preview e-book can be downloaded free of charge here.

Awara Direct Search is the recruitment, executive search and HR management consulting arm of Awara. Its mission comprises assisting clients in turning strategies into reality. Areas of work comprise talent search, assessment and development; elaborating sustainable strategies for the local context; developing corporate cultures; interim management resources and succession services. Awara’s recruitment and executive search experts possess the solid experience required to provide a quality service in Russia and the CIS countries, based on years of experience working with global companies of all sizes and industrial dedications. Awara’s method for matching the best people with the best jobs is direct search. It is an individual search tailored to meet the challenges of the particular search assignment and designed to identify on the wide market the unique professional in demand. In Russia and the CIS countries, it is additionally of special importance to have a detailed knowledge of the latest governance regulations, compliance solutions, and best practices — Awara’s got it.



Ekaterina Lazareva
Vice President, Human Resources

Eva Hua
Vice President