Additional HR Services

Apart from direct search we also assist with other value-added executive resources. These include:

  • Assistance with elaborating a Russia strategy
  • Adjusting the Russian corporate culture to the group corporate culture
  • Assistance with integrating of the selected candidate in the organization
  • Search for Board Members (independent directors, non-executive directors)
  • Assistance with organizing the Board work in Russia to meet the challenges of the culture, corporate governance rules, and compliance issues
  • Interim Management resources
  • CEO Succession service. We help to prepare for the succession of a CEO or other executives
  • Advising on incentive and bonus systems
  • Psychological Profiling and Assessment

The principal may also commission a separate psychological profiling to be conducted on the candidate, as well as any competencies and behavior based assessments.

Psychological profiling may provide clients with insights into how the candidate will lead, how he will approach and solve complex problems, shed more light on his emotional profile, and the factors that motivate him to succeed.

Often the very fact of undertaking these tests will tell about candidate’s endurance and motivation.

Ekaterina Lazareva
Vice President, Human Resources

Eva Hua
Vice President